3GC Group: Transforming Legacy Electronic Physical Security with Converged Networking

Henry Park, CEO
The video surveillance industry is in the midst of major transformation. Despite being an emerging industry, the convergence of advance IT infrastructure, virtual network and contemporary security equipments are enormously transforming the space. From HD and network based storage to wireless systems, the video surveillance technology is allowing companies to provide some more flexibility and customization to meet the evolving market need. However, the shift to IP video requires the IT and security department to work closely for leveraging and deploying robust surveillance technology. “As these two departments have completely different operational approach and work culture—getting them to work together becomes a major challenge for the enterprises,” shares 3CG Group, CEO, Henry Park. “This is where we help our clients by developing project managers to coordinate with the different organizational departments, and sales executives to communicate with both facilities and IT teams for TCO and ROI modeling,” says Park.

“At 3GC Group, we integrate traditionally disparate electronic physical security technologies onto our unified data network while ensuring reliability and security of overall infrastructure,” says Park. The company provides system design, implementation, integration and management of IP video surveillance, access control systems, and intrusion detection systems for delivering complete end-to-end security surveillance solutions layered on top of its core IT networking practice. 3GC Group’s Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS) solution line comes with cloud or premise based software that integrates access control and video surveillance with network based active directory for easy authentication and management. “We have integrated Axiad’s cloud based security management platform with RS2 and Imron’s Access Control systems, as well as ONSSI video management software and Sony cameras allowing network integration with mobile devices for physical security access and two factor network authentication,” delineates Park. 3GC group further leverages Valcom’s emergency messaging or mass notification platform majorly to help universities. “Hence, we have partnered with Valcom to offer flexibility and scalability to send numerous notifications instantly,” expresses Park.

Recently, 3GC Group has bundled its CEPS solution with Fortinet IP video surveillance camera and recording application. FortiCamera enhances the overall security of an organization’s assets by delivering a 360-degree view of the perimeter. Along with the camera, FortiRecorder captures images and video to store security footage.

At 3GC Group, we integrate traditionally disparate electronic physical security technologies onto our unified data network while ensuring reliability and security of overall infrastructure

“All the Fortinet applications are integrated with our CEPS application that combines all the data to ensure the system is organized and accessible,” extols Park. “With the addition of Fortinet systems businesses can have continuous video capture, motion-based recording, and intrusion notifications through a sophisticated alarm system through the web and mobile apps,” he adds.

“With our foundation in IT we concentrate more time than our competition in the design phase to understand the client’s needs both from physical security and network infrastructure stand point before proposing a solution,” says Park. For one instance, 3GC Group helped a retail centre that was surrounded by many bars which very often encounters alcohol related fighting. They needed to optimize their security to be able to identify the culprits of the disturbances and prevent them. “So we integrated our Wi-Fi and retail analytics platform, Kiana analytics with client’s video surveillance to help them identify where the high density of people existed where fights commonly happen,” expresses Park. “It ultimately helped our client to take necessary precautions to improve the environment of their surroundings.”

Over the time 3GC Group has enhanced the quality and performance of IP video surveillance system by integrating CEPS with active directory, Wi-Fi infrastructure and big data applications like retail analytics. “We see a massive possibility of development in the IP video surveillance arena as physical security combines with active directory, retail analytics and network storage to move into the big data space,” says Park. So, with constant innovation culture in its core 3GC Group will continue to integrate network security with physical security.

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Henry Park, CEO

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