Pro-Vigil, Inc.: Protecting Assets with Mobile and Fixed Surveillance Solutions

Jeremy White, CEO
With the growth of wireless technologies especially the video surveillance cameras, it is rather simple to keep a watchful eye on the events that are occurring simultaneously in different places without needing physical presence. The video surveillance systems are indeed an integral aspect of organizations and the IT teams, serving as the eyes and ears of their security systems. Due to this, “A huge task is resting on the shoulders of CIOs to implement technologies that allow seamless functionality of cameras accompanying IP addresses,” says Jeremy White, CEO, Pro-Vigil. Additionally, companies face complexities like pairing of technologies without major custom integrations and absence of proper regulating standards. San Antonio, TX headquartered firm, Pro-Vigil was founded to assist organizations and CIOs with the complete deployment and adequate consumption of surveillance solutions. By bringing robust video-based tools, the company is enabling faster smarter decisions, improved performance, and increased visibility into clients’ business.

Beginning its journey in 2006 as one of the few surveillance companies to outsource video monitoring and utilize international workforces, Pro-Vigil has emerged as an industry leader. By pairing its international operations with video analytics, the company developed superlative solutions for live video monitoring for customers from a number of industries including construction, auto dealerships, utilities, and oil and gas. “Video based solutions are becoming drumbeats of monitoring systems. As the resolution of cameras now supports 1080P and even 4k quality, our major focus is now on compression codecs that allow such video feeds to stream and store,” says White,. “Without these video compression codecs, storage, and bandwidth requirements would be expensive, and in most cases impractical.”

Pro-Vigil’s mobile and fixed surveillance solutions are made of several thousand surveillance units designed to operate and provide video monitoring—without the need of proper infrastructure. These units contain their own cellular internet connection and have an optional solar array, making the system completely self sufficient and ideal for construction projects, lease gates, and utilities.

Both, live streams and archived videos are made available to business owners and managers via any computer or mobile device

The company’s fixed surveillance solutions use the same equipments, which have made a significant reputation in the auto dealerships, self storage facilities, and equipment yards industries.

These systems are designed and configured to report events to one of Pro-Vigil’s central surveillance centers where a highly trained surveillance operator analyzes the video and determines the next course of actions. The operators have the ability to communicate unusual behaviors with the local authorities, or directly with the visitor(s) on the site, using audio and visual outputs. These outputs have a proven 93 percent effectiveness. Although, not all projects and properties require live, real-time video monitoring, they still need some surveillance equipment. These systems stream continuously and record the video in the cloud. “Both, live streams and archived videos are made available to business owners and managers via any computer or mobile device,” highlights White. The benefits of the system include increased productivity, site conditions or progress, delivery confirmation, and policy and procedure enforcement.

For the coming days, Pro-Vigil intends to leverage its R&D lab to roll out more advanced and resilient video-based solutions for its customers. “Our product roadmap is made on the bedrocks of customer’s feedback and request. It is also inspired by the security and technology conferences aimed to explore surveillance industry trends,” says White. The company will also be seen doubling their direct sales efforts while building an indirect channel of not just resellers, but real partners. Embracing more options such as acquisitions, Pro-Vigil is all geared up to utilize video solutions to resolve business needs, across industries and countries.

Pro-Vigil, Inc

San Antonio, TX

Jeremy White, CEO

Pro-Vigil offers remote video monitoring, fixed video systems, and mobile surveillance units for asset’s supervision and protection.

Pro-Vigil, Inc