Smartvue: Making the World Safer with Futuristic Surveillance Solutions

Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO The argument for greater and more extensive video surveillance is straightforward. It is humanly impossible for law enforcers to be omnipresent and so video cameras become the third eye that helps keep crime or unforeseen events at check. With the evolution of digital and internet based technologies, setting up and maintaining surveillance systems is simpler than before; and is a far cry from the security guard who closely monitored a screen for suspicious activities in the past. According to a study by MarketsandMarkets—a research services company—the global video surveillance market is expected to reach $42.06 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR rate of 17 percent. In such a scenario, redefining the surveillance industry with High Definition (HD) cloud video surveillance solutions, Smartvue offers video management systems, remote monitoring, and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras.

It’s All About Cloud Technology

The company delivers a simple cloud based Internet of Things Video (IoTV) platform that provides fast and secure remote monitoring from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. The platform supports video capture, security, transport, storage, management, and distribution of content through an elegant interface, from all connected devices. “Smartvue stores hundreds of thousands of hours of video every day and is designed to be flexible, intuitive, and economical in an ‘everything connected with video’ world,” remarks Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO, Smartvue.

"We saw the need for an affordable and portable surveillance solution that security professionals could bring with them during events and while on patrol"

Since Smartvue’s solutions are adaptable and grow with a company’s need, it was the perfect fit for McKenzie Special School District. The school was facing a challenge with their old surveillance system, which was based on an outdated Windows platform. Although the client had certain budgetary constraints, they were not willing to compromise on the security of their students, but at the same time were looking for a cost effective alternative to their legacy surveillance system. With Smartvue, the client installed a 34-camera system at their high school and a 31-camera system at their middle school, without any additional camera licensing fee. One of McKenzie school district’s main goals was to have a video surveillance system in which all camera-covered areas could be viewed and monitored online. “With Smartvue, the School Resource Officer (SRO) as well as the police can easily log into the cloud-based system and monitor any footage at any time,” remarks Renkins.
Leveraging the power of cloud, the firm also offers a range of applications such as Cloudrive, Cloudvue, and Commandvue for fast and secure video management. While Cloudvue optimizes video delivery for any bandwidth and works with almost every browser on Windows or Apple; Cloudrive stores video directly from a server or a camera in Smartvue’s global surveillance network. For enterprise remote system management, reporting, and trouble-shooting, the company’s Commandvue app delivers instant enterprise status, mass upgrades, technical support, and error alerts in live dashboards. Another innovative product, Sitevue, provides floor by floor surveillance with its unique interactive camera mapping tool. Once businesses are connected with cloud powered surveillance, the benefits of the new network are multi-fold. “The solution not only propels surveillance from a tool for loss prevention, but creates the opportunity to monitor all business operations from a single web interface,” remarks Renkis.

Smartvue stores hundreds of thousands of hours of video every day and is designed to be flexible, intuitive, and scalable in an ‘everything connected with video’ world

Smartvue’s cloud solution also drives revenue by assisting users in employee training and mapping store layouts. In the case of a billion dollar retail firm, the client used Smarvue’s cloud powered surveillance to design improved store layouts and merchandise placement. The customer’s management team can now effortlessly keep an eye on the customer interactions taking place in their corporate headquarters in the U.S., while sitting as far away in Europe—all in real time. The retailer also gained the capability to quickly search through recorded video, collaboratively share video clips online, and download HD video to analyze trends offline.

Perennially Innovating to Empower Customers

Always looking at avenues and innovation that simplify surveillance, Smartvue’s Camera 2 Cloud solutions are a new line of cameras that can connect directly to the cloud without extra servers or hardware. “There is a high demand for camera-to-cloud solutions and our product is perfect for securing perimeters, security gates, remote access points, or locations that only need cloud storage,” explains Renkis. The Smartvue camera works on the principle of plug and play, and allows customers to set recording schedules, receive automated trigger alerts, and enable motion detection.
In the case of Texas Scenic Company, a leading stage equipment contractor and theatrical systems integrator, the client required an extra layer of security on top of their regular video surveillance. The customer was looking for a solution which, apart from monitoring operations and the facility, would also provide an added level of remote management and protection against claims. After sizing a number of security solutions in the market, Texas Scenic Company narrowed down to Smartvue, owing to its cost, quality, ease-of-use for operation management, loss prevention, and asset protection features. From automated alerts to easy video sharing, Smartvue provided a variety of visual intelligence tools, creating value across all business departments. Texas Scenic Company extended its surveillance network to monitor cash movement in the front office and keep an eye on suspicious activities around the facility grounds. The customer also took advantage of Smartvue’s high resolution video to remotely monitor operations, manage inventory, and verify shipments.

Keeping in mind the needs of Gen Y clients, who are more attuned to mobile technology, Smartvue cloud technology also turns smartphones into surveillance cameras. With Contribute, an application designed to connect web enabled devices with cameras, any authorized smartphone, tablet, or smart glass can be converted into a portable or wearable surveillance camera. “We saw the need for an affordable and portable surveillance solution that security professionals could bring with them during events and while on patrol,” points out Renkis. Contribute helps stream live video which can be sent directly to security management when approaching a suspect or incident. Video captured on these authorized devices can be uploaded through the cloud, into the same security database used for surveillance cameras. “The video is also time-stamped and watermarked with a tamper-proof seal, providing extra level of evidence and security management,” reveals Renkis.

The Strive for Best-in-Class Cloud Solution Continues

Firmly believing that video surveillance powered by the cloud is not only here to stay, but grow at a tremendous rate in the coming years, Smartvue plans on further developing cloud-based business intelligence and analytics. A research by Gartner states that by the end of 2018, 20 percent of smart buildings will have suffered from digital vandalism, which raises the bar for security monitoring and management of systems. As the need for effective video surveillance is only expected to escalate with time, Smartvue plans on further adding cutting edge solutions to their product line, such as cloud powered social surveillance, wearable camera devices, and robotics. “We have transformed traditional video surveillance from a niche application into a set of strategic management tools and will continue to future-proof people, places, and assets worldwide with our unique visual intelligence cloud,” ends the CEO.


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Martin Renkis, Founder and CEO

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