GPS-4-Hire: Video Surveillance has Never Been this Simple

“No more accidents going unnoticed.” Statements like this sound impossible as most of the fleet management systems only provide GPS positioning services, which are not enough for monitoring vehicles and preventing accidents. To¬day, there is an intense need of video images that will monitor drivers’ and passengers’ behavior, safety and acci¬dents information in real time and pre¬vent fraudulent claims and wastage of money in lawsuits. Making this a reality is an asset monitoring company, GPS- 4-Hire that is uniquely positioned to record high-quality video images and transmit real-time images through 4G LTE networks, not only protecting the vehicles but also empowering the users to react to emergencies. “We are not just a GPS tracking company, as the name indicates but an integration company that provides a complete solution to de¬liver the right kind of information, at the right time,” states Steve McLaughlin, Director of Operations, GPS-4-Hire. Mclaughlin mentions that the compa¬ny has incorporated rising technologies like IoT and M2M into its solutions to connect different pieces of information from various devices into one solution.

GPS-4-Hire’s flagship offering, in cab video solution delivers live videos that create time saving advantage for customers, enabling them view the entire history of footage from the company website or dashboard, which are saved in the cloud. The solution provides four cameras for total coverage, which can be placed potentially anywhere throughout the vehicle to monitor driver and passenger behavior, and traffic conditions. With in-cab video, the surveillance executives are placed directly into the vehicle without leaving the office. GPS-4-Hire’s live video features provide concrete proof against any fraudulent claims and any negative behavior can be assessed immediately.

In addition, the company has architected features that monitor vehicle integrity utilizing multiple sensors for oil levels, accelerometer, and engine and battery health. “We bring a new level of integration that empowers us to implement solutions and communicate with devices—old analog sensors or digital sensors that our customers already use,” asserts Alec McLaughlin Managing Partner, GPS-4-Hire. The company takes the “blind spot” out of the fleet management industry. “We are automating everything, bringing in cameras, GPS trackers, and sensor into one solution to erase the human element out of the fleet industry,” say Mclaughlin.

We are automating everything, bringing in cameras, GPS trackers, and sensor into one solution to erase the human element out of the fleet industry

Alongside providing these avant garde features for in cab video, the company encompasses highly customized capabilities to implement its solutions in other areas like pest control, eliminating the chances of false alert. GPS-4-HIRE also offers a Temporary Video Solution, which is a web based camera system, providing cloud storage for recording and time-lapse photography. The solution is especially designed for areas like construction sites that lack electricity supply.

To highlight an instance, a scrapper cycling firm was concerned about the precious and raw metals being stolen out of the back of the cargo bay of the trucks. To control these thefts, the firm implemented GPS-4-Hire’s in cab video solution with real time motion sensing camera in the cargo bay on the back of the trucks. This helped the client in lowering the theft incidents by delivering precise facial and motion recognition, and spotting out abnormalities, even in remote recess of the cargo bay and insufficient sunlight.

The company’s aim is to keep a complex solution and make it as simple as possible through its built-in intelligence. GPS-4-Hire is working everyday towards with this mission, and is looking forward to implement advanced technologies like artificial intelligence in conjunction with IoT that would improve camera solutions, refine facial recognition, enhance connectivity, and reduce price point, with ultimate automation.


Spring Hill, TN

Steve McLaughlin Director of Operations and Alec McLaughlin Managing Partner

Provides Real-Time in cab video that monitor drivers’ and passengers’ behavior, to enhance safety and prevent accidents