Top 20 Video Surveillance Solution Companies - 2016

Today’s corporate world is not indifferent to the growing rate of crime and vandalism. To get away from the shackles of deterrent and malicious activities, enterprises hunt for surveillance solutions that can safeguard as well as monitor the organization. Modern surveillance solutions can handle complete risk management including keeping the physical assets secure, maintaining site safety, operational efficiency and protecting the employees and personnel from harm. Varying from simple cameras to IP surveillance with closed circuit television (CCTV) and network video recorders, these systems come equipped with the capacity to store, archive and retrieve high resolution images and videos in real-time.

Along with continuous, real time monitoring, these systems provide easy sharing of videos through email or other communication systems. They are mostly equipped with cloud back up that makes the video accessible anywhere and anytime. A good surveillance system should have intuitive software and hardware components that are flexible in deployment and infrastructure, and offer quality outcome at cheaper costs.

To help CIOs in navigating the video surveillance solutions landscape, CIO Review presents “20 Most Promising Video Surveillance Solutions Providers 2016.”

A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIO Review editorial board has selected the top video surveillance solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the video surveillance landscape.

    Top 20 Video Surveillance Solution Companies

  • 1

    A consulting firm, integrator and managed services provider of converged network technologies and integrated communications with specific focus on IP video surveillance and Unified Communications

  • 2

    Provides an extensive variety of products for the creation of high-resolution video surveillance systems

  • 3

    Offering cost-effective and scalable solutions for video surveillance with enhanced big data capabilities, incorporating third party computer vision algorithms

  • 4

    A provider and installer of video monitoring solutions for auto dealerships and metal recyclers and other fixed industrial facilities

  • 5

    Ganz Security offers intelligent security solutions for every type of application: IP and analog cameras, performance driven optics, a diverse range of intelligent video analytics, discreet enclosures, and others

  • 6

    IC Realtech, designer and manufacturer of advanced video surveillance systems and software application, adds intelligence to the surveillance technologies available in the marketplace.

  • 7

    Offering video intelligence and analytics solutions.

  • 8

    Provider of end-to-end private, public and hybrid cloud computing based Video analytics Software as a Service (VSaaS) solutions.

  • 9

    LABUSA provides video surveillance solutions and manages information technology and security infrastructure.

  • 10

    Pivot3 offers dynamic hyper-converged infrastructure solutions purpose-built for demanding video surveillance systems

  • 11

    Provides storage solutions for the cloud/IT, rich media, and video surveillance markets.

  • 12

    Pro-Vigil offers remote video monitoring, fixed video systems, and mobile surveillance units for asset’s supervision and protection.

  • 13

    Delivers end to end surveillance solutions which combine cost effective network video recording devices and cloud management services.

  • 14

    A provider of intelligent monitoring and video management tools to safeguard important locations of large stores, office buildings, or other environments.

  • 15

    FLIR Systems, Inc

    FLIR Systems, Inc

    A provider and installer of video monitoring solutions for auto dealerships and metal recyclers and other fixed industrial facilities

  • 16

    Iveda Solutions, Inc

    Iveda Solutions, Inc

    Premier Online Surveillance Technology innovator and Managed Video Services provider.

  • 17



    Pioneer in IP Video Management, advanced software systems and custom integration services that would enable real-time situational awareness.

  • 18



    Experts in developing comprehensive and intelligent IP video surveillance management software.

  • 19

    Surveillance One

    Surveillance One

    Providers of layered security to strengthen surveillance and intelligence platform.

  • 20



    Providers of high resolution cameras, hybrid DVRs that work with over 2,500 cameras, and superior video management software.