LABUSA: Video Surveillance Solutions for Modern World Complexities

Martin Laster, President
Today’s political and economical environment augments the need for video surveillance solutions, which address issues ranging from object recognition to weapon analytics. In the world of monitoring, customers prefer IP based solutions over the age old analog platforms. Controlled surveillance systems backed by data and video with greater storage capacity are the key factors driving the adoption of IP based monitoring solutions. “However, in order to switch to an IP based platform from an analog video surveillance system, organizations need to perform a complete infrastructure overhaul,” says Martin Laster, President, LABUSA.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Carpentersville, IL, LABUSA focuses on providing comprehensive video monitoring solutions. The company concentrates its efforts on connecting information technology, infrastructure, and security as its customers tend to develop security solutions without a holistic view. Clients find LABUSA’s systems highly valuable in discerning the exact chain of events that has taken place in their premise to solve a certain security issue. “With facial recognition techniques, video based access control systems, and analytics, interpreting the movement of people and their interaction with surroundings becomes easy,” says Laster. The company exercises various measures like working with the manufacturers of video monitoring equipments, understanding the technology behind monitoring systems and infrastructure to ensure the best outcome.

LABUSA devotes a great amount of time to decipher a client’s existing infrastructure and security concerns. “With a customer centric approach in devising solutions, we envision the features that would effectively address security concerns of customers,” says Laster. LABUSA’s holistic approach in developing solutions that integrate various sources is evident in its LAB Integrated Security Solutions (ISS). Using LAB ISS, customers can integrate the security devices in their premises. “The information is gathered from all the sources and events that take place under the surveillance systems, which are then recorded and analyzed. Suppose someone gains unauthorized access to a cloud operated network of electrical and electronic devices, it will be detected by LAB ISS’ access control system,” explains Laster.

With a customer centric approach in devising solutions, we envision the features that would effectively address security concerns of customers

Alike cyber incidences, field activity will be also detected—the solution sends prompt alerts even if used in third party environments.

LABUSA’s solutions receive maximum enquiries from the security conscious hospitality and government sectors. One of the hotels was experiencing loss of wine and cooking ingredients, amounting to $100,000 every month. LABUSA’s video surveillance solution was implemented after identifying the exact areas of revenue loss based on cash analytics and inventory audit. Video surveillance cameras that are integral to the solution were installed in the restaurant and storage areas to monitor the inventories and human activity. Shortly, the system detected that one of the hotel employees was involved in theft and helped the hotel recover lost revenue.

To continuously enhance its solutions, user experience, and address the changing security needs, the company invests in research and development related to video surveillance technologies. LABUSA’s focus areas of research are making enhancements in sound detection techniques, video quality improvement, and environment adaptability. Team LABUSA believes in creating solutions that answer the business challenges, without disrupting existing practices.

LABUSA’s leadership aspires to make the company a major force in the technology and security solutions space. Moving forward, the company intends to develop and implement superior solutions that seamlessly solve the technology and security challenges of tomorrow.


Carpentersville, IL

Martin Laster, President

LABUSA provides video surveillance solutions and manages information technology and security infrastructure.

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